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Need the Healing Tree?

If you'd like Ahonu & Aingeal Rose to hold you in their hearts for a moment in their daily meditations, enter your name, wishes, and intentions in the form below.  It cycles weekly, but please submit as often as you like.


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Welcome to Twin Flame Wedding Services with Twin Flame Ministers Ahonu & Aingeal Rose!

Twin Flame Weddings!

"Ahonu & Aingeal Rose offer a unique, very special and sacred service - they minister your wedding together as Twin Flame Ministers."

We know how important your wedding day is - that sacred event which solidifies your love bond and celebrates the joining of your hearts together! We come together for the purpose of strengthening the perfect balance of the divine masculine and feminine energies of your union. This gives you added blessings, protection and guidance for your bond, and your lives together. Aingeal Rose and Ahonu are a Twin Flame couple and ordained ministers in the non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love Ministry.

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