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Who Are We, and Why Are We Here?

Have you ever asked…

Are past lives real?
Is suicide forgiven?
Are psychic entities real? Do aliens exist? Was Jesus married? Or, Who am I and Why am I here?

Have you asked these kinds of questions? Have the answers satisfied you? We have been brought up to believe things that we now know as lies. We know the difficulty in trying to identify what is true and what is false. We understand your frustration, we feel your dissatisfaction with what we have all been led to believe.  Now, there is a solution, and there always was, but we just didn’t know it.

In the past, we relied on the Bible, the Koran, Myth & Legend, and Science! We listened to politicians, to Gurus,

And then we got it!

The Akashic Records are the book of life. The records contain the truth about all the events of our long history, not the political version. They hold all the answers to who are we and why are we here!

This is mind-blowing. It is both shocking and bewildering to see and read the Akashic Records. The depth of information and vastness of the knowledge is astonishing. But Aingeal Rose and Ahonu formed this website, the “World of Empowerment”, to help downstep this vast body of knowledge for you!

The World of Empowerment Membership

We have hundreds of hours of amazing audio and video recordings of all the exploratory sessions we have made into the Akashic Records. This is the best way to get all of them. We have sessions on Consciousness, Twin Flames & Soul Mates, Kundalini, the Chakras, Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children, Fairies & Elementals, Healing, Our Light Bodies, God & Creation, The Future, Inner Earth, Conception, Saints & Sages, Longevity, DNA, Marijuana & Ayahuasca, Free Energy, the Famous Deceased, Stress & Strain, Prophecies, Prayer, Joy & Happiness, The Christian Sacraments, Chemtrails, Pulsing, Suicide, Drugs, Death, etc etc. The list is HUGE!

They are all audio recordings with the summaries in video. We call the video summaries “The Profundities”. We have been recording them since 2009 in weekly online sessions which all members get access to for FREE.

Start here… (it’s FREE)

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