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Hello from Ahonu and Aingeal Rose! We’re so happy you found us! Our aim is to provide you with information and tools that will inspire and catalyze you in positive ways as you advance on your path of personal growth and spiritual awareness. Our motto is:

Practical Spirituality in a Changing World

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We believe in offering information and guidance that works and pertains to all levels of existence simultaneously.

We are all participating in a dynamic time of change in our world and more than ever we need to be informed, supported and strengthened. We've heard that we are all waking up, but what is the process of waking up? Ahonu and I have found that it is an awakening on multi levels – spiritually where our psychic and healing abilities are increasing, mentally where we are becoming acutely aware of truth vs. lies, emotionally where our desires for peace, love and truth are increasing and physically where our bodies are demanding cleaner, healthier food and environments. We find that some people can move through these changes easily while others struggle with depression, illness and disorientation.

Our work and this website is dedicated to helping you shift and adjust to the demands of this time period because this time period is offering the potential for great illumination, joy and blessings. This is the time for accelerated advancement and we can all 'catch the wave'. We offer you information from Source, classes and workshops both online and in person, personal consultations through the Akashic Records, meditations, spiritual artwork designed to affirm your own God presence, podcasts of interviews with enlightened scientists and healers and much, much more.

The moment you join, you have access to our free weekly podcasts of cutting edge interviews with well-known authors, teachers, alternative health practitioners, consciousness experts and many more enlightening pioneers in our growing world of empowerment!

Listen to Penny Kelly on Consciousness and Energy, Carmen Boulter on The Pyramid Code of Egypt, John Berdy on Healing with Music, Gerald Clark on the Annunaki of Niburu, Krysana Duran on Extraterrestrial visitations, Kevin O’Kelly on the sacred & mystical sites of Ireland, and many, many more.

As a free member, you also receive a free recording of an online Open Forum Group Akashic Record session every week. Each week you will receive a different recording of an Open Forum group session in your mailbox, so be sure to look for it! These sessions cover a wide variety of questions brought by participants to Source through the Akashic Records and offer enlightenment and clarity on a wide range of subjects. They are yours free to listen to when you become a member. Avail yourself now to the extensive library of Source's knowledge.

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