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Ahonu & Aingeal Rose

Aingeal Rose and Ahonu are a Twin Flame couple who devote their lives to helping you grow in spiritual awareness in an awakening world. Through their amazing online Akashic Record group sessions, podcasts, workshops, retreats and private/business consulting; they have empowered thousands of people worldwide. Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience and expertise in self-mastery and personal empowerment, they bring practical spirituality into a fast changing world so you can find it easier to live, love and grow. Aingeal Rose and Ahonu are ordained ministers in the non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love Ministry and bring that devotion into everything they do.


Aingeal Rose - “The freedom facilitator” - effectively combines spiritual guidance and intuition with eye-opening readings of the Akashic Records - and the result frees her clients from old beliefs that have held them hostage throughout their lifetimes. This ancient library is a database direct from Source that answers life-changing questions from each individual’s own record of their many lifetimes and sojourns in Spirit.

Trusted by clients around the world for her down to earth and authentic approach, Aingeal Rose has become a well-recognized master reader and teacher of the Akashic Records. She has been accessing this incredible library for over 25 years, where one finds answers to questions regarding life’s deeper issues, including the purpose of life and why we are here.

A popular media guest, Aingeal Rose has been interviewed on numerous programs and also co-hosts a weekly broadcast on World of Empowerment Radio. She is the author of two books “A Time of Change” and “The Nature of Reality”. These books share the wisdom from the Akashic Records on a variety of topics that allows readers to discover life-changing insights.

In addition to hundreds of group Akashic Record sessions and thousands of private readings for clients worldwide, Aingeal Rose has also developed an on-line Akashic Record Training Course. She has created a premium, comprehensive program and training so that when a student is awarded their certification, they can build their own clientele helping others affect the outcome of their life journey.

Her greatest reward however, is witnessing her clients as they follow the wisdom and guidance from the vast library in Source’s Database to inspire and guide seekers of truth to step into their true power.


After the death of his first-born son, Ahonu left his business in the oilfield and computer industries and practiced Transcendental Meditation to Siddha level awareness, unfolding his life as a visionary artist and spiritual teacher. He is now an author, motivational speaker, intuitive Business Coach, and radio host of 'The Honest-to-God Series'.

Ahonu started the first organic holistic health farm in Ireland in 1993. He founded the World of Empowerment Organization with Aingeal Rose and the Spirit of Love Project in 2009, offering a new dimension of spiritual and ancestral healing with his spiritual artwork. His website showcases his spirit art portfolio, which is also available on and

Ahonu has held workshops internationally including spiritually focused Visionary Art, The 8-Steps-to-Freedom, and his newest enterprise is Twin Flame Productions - the publishing jewel in the crown that overlays all his work.

Ahonu is the author of The Reincarnation of Columbus, an honest and gripping story of how a man copes with grief and loss and transforms it into joy. Ahonu has also published a wide range of holistic and metaphysical eBooks, all available on Amazon Kindle.

To arrange interviews, book signings, speaking engagements, book a workshop, Spirit of Love painting or Akashic Records or business consultation with Aingeal Rose or Ahonu, please contact them here: By Phone USA: +1-224-588-8026, Ireland: 087-6177925 or Skype: ah-hon-u

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Twin Flame Weddings by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Wedding Ceremonies - Aingeal Rose and Ahonu offer a unique wedding service for couples desiring a ceremony that strengthens the Divine masculine and feminine bonds between them. Being married by a Twin Flame couple reinforces the balance and harmony of the Divine Mother and Father and provides additional spiritual assistance throughout their lives together. Aingeal Rose and Ahonu officiate your wedding ceremony together as Twin Flame ministers, delivering a memorable and joyful celebration while providing a unique blessing to the couple. For more information on this service, contact us on: 224-588-8026

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By Phone USA: 224-588-8026, Ireland: 087-6177925 or Skype: ah-hon-u

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